Travelling through time

I offer consulting on a number of topics, which you will find further down the page.

As a general rule, my specialties are Europe in the Ancien Régime -which means roughly from the 15th/16th century up to the late 18th century-, women’s history, elite history (or history of the nobility), religious history and other related topics. As an experienced researcher I can find information on any time period, and on any topic, so don’t feel limited by these topics.

I can help private persons seeking some assistance, or companies who need more support for research, public relations or marketing purposes.

What I do:

La Normandie

“Travelling through time”

  • I offer consulting to event/wedding planners or individuals on how to incorporate a historical touch in weddings and events. Always dreamed of a #GreatGatsby themed wedding? Or are you more of a #Renaissance man? No problem, I will give you a full report on historical circumstances of the period, atmosphere, colour schemes of the time period, food, fashions, music etc etc. In short, I will provide you with all the information you need to turn your dreams into reality. I can give you as much information as you need, and even help with finding the right people or props for your event.
  • You’d like to experience the ultimate ‘historical’ experience when you travel? You can copy-paste your guide book, or you can come to me. I will listen to what you feel you need, and design a travelling experience especially for you.
  • Are you writing a fiction or non-fiction book? Making a documentary? Planning to direct or write the script for a historically themed film? I can provide you with the details you’re looking for.
  • Need advice on historical fashions?
  • You want to know more about food & drinks of the past?
  • I also lecture on various topics: #history of #Europe, history of #Belgium, history of the #nobility, history of noble women.
  • I offer more general #consultancy for (art) exhibits, archival collections or background information for various projects.

I work in Dutch, English and French. Ik werk ook in het Nederlands! Je travaille aussi en français!

How does historical consulting work?

You contact me about your project and describe what it is exactly that you need.

If I need more information, we can skype or meet (depending on where you live) to discuss things further.

I will then formulate a proposal, in which I specify my rates, the time needed for this project and a total fee. I’m sure you understand that I can only start working after you have approved and signed the proposal.

Depending on what you need, and on how quickly you need it, I can work online and send you a full report through e-mail or other digital channels. If your project requires more work, I can help you work out the details, do additional research, travel in case this is needed, etc etc

The result is always a full (digital) consultancy report.


Ask me if you think your project could do with some help! Just fill in the form below:

“Come travel with me”,