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Mijn project: Little Free Library (TM) at School

Mijn project: LFL@School

Post in Dutch! For English, see here.

Dit bericht heb ik eerder vandaag ook op mijn bedrijfswebsite gepost. Ik post het hier nog eens in het Nederlands, omdat het project alle steun kan gebruiken 😉

LFL@School by Mirella Marini


Jaren geleden al had ik het idee om een Little Free Library (TM) op te zetten. Toen ik voor het eerst over dit initiatief hoorde, wist ik dat dit iets voor mij was. Ik heb altijd erg graag lezen. Als tiener las ik zowat 5 boeken per week, tegen de verveling 😉 Dat was dus voor de geboorte van het internet …

Het duurde een paar jaar, maar ik kwam eindelijk op het idee om een gemeenschap van boekenliefhebbers rond scholen te creëren. Het “LFL @ School” -project was geboren. Continue reading

My Valentine: down to earth romance with 3 last-minute tips

Russia-stop and read.

Padlocks declaring eternal love in Russia.

I can’t believe it’s already Valentine’s day. Things are happening so fast here, that I’m having difficulty keeping up with things.

If you don’t know what to do tomorrow, or if you don’t know if you’re going to do the right thing, read on.

Valentine’s day is very special to me. It’s the day I got married! Continue reading

5 Sustainable and Trendy Presents for a Caring Christmas

5 sustainable and trendy gifts


It’s the time of year again when you know Christmas is only a few weeks away and you realize you have no idea what you’re giving. You did funny socks last year, or cases of wine or tickets to a concert or whatever else. But this year, your mind is blank.

Or maybe you don’t really like the way Christmas has turned out to be more about who gets the best or the most presents, instead of about spending time with the people you love.

For me it’s always a challenge to try to find a gift that people will like, that they can use (yes, I actually buy or make presents that are useful!), that will not make me go bankrupt and that I can more or less defend as being not too bad for the environment. I have an issue with presents that seem nice or funny, yet get thrown out as soon as the holiday season is over. Because really, who is actually going to wear a pink and yellow striped tie?

 So here are 5 ways of doing it differently

Continue reading

Hallelujah and Armistice Day

For the past two days, everything people are talking about, all over the world, is the election of Donald Trump as the new president of the USA.

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How to achieve total #freedom in 5 easy steps



Step one: switch off your phone, your tablet, your pc, your laptop, your TV and every other machine that seems to be controlling your life. Instant freedom.

Have you ever travelled to a place without Wi Fi or an internet connection? With no newspapers and no network coverage whatsoever?

After experiencing some minor withdrawal symptoms and panic attacks (the dreaded FOMO), you will quickly realize nobody really misses you, your friends can eat pizza without you, the 3.685 newsletters you receive each day will still be there to be deleted without a second glance when you get back, your colleagues were glad to be left alone for a change, and your cat did not die.

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