we've moved!

I hate moving, I really, really, really hate moving. This was actually my 5th or 6th move, so by now I can probably write a book about what to do – and especially about what not to do – when you prepare to move. Anyway, we survived. Barely, but we did. Our new house has a bigger office space and it’s closer to the offpring’s school. Everybody happy. More or less.


Star Wars The Force Awakens

Star Wars The Force Awakens.


Just like the rest of the world, we’ve been to see The Force Awakens. The offspring is now officially a Star Wars fan, after binge watching all 6 previous episodes with us.  She’s probably the world’s biggest fan of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and absolutely refuses to see him as the idiot he actually is. The frustrating thing about having a daughter who is a Star Wars fan, is that most of the toys/clothing/Lego sets etc etc are clearly intended for boys. The lack of a Rey doll was probably one of the most stupid things I ever encountered when looking for a toy for the offspring. No need pretending. There are obviously not enough women in charge of Star Wars franchising. Come to think of it, there are not enough women in charge, period.

The offspring

The offspring

The offspring had a birthday in January. She is now 8. We had a Star Wars themed birthday party at which a few of her class mates were introduced to Star Wars. Return of the Jedi seemed the most appropriate for an easy introduction, considering it’s rather silly.  Two days later she broke her wrist. That’s what happens when you get older. You take risks. You go ice skating. You slip. You break something. Having a blue cast with little snowmen on it is however really cool.


Belgian Academy of Culture and History

I’ve founded my own company: the Belgian Academy of Culture and History. Getting a website online is not as easy as I thought it would be. However, if all goes well (fingers crossed) I go live on February 1st. Unless the offspring breaks another limb.


Early flight

The second week of February is an official vacation in Belgium. It’s the week we celebrate carnaval and we all pretend it’s nearly springtime. It’s also the week I will be holding my 1st science/history camp for children, “Can people fly?”. I’m actually really excited about this. Now let’s hope the little monsters will play nicely.