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Bretagne ma belle: le Conservatoire botanique national de Brest

Botanical garden

Last Sunday we visited the Conservatoire botanique in Brest. It’s the sort of trip families take on a late Sunday afternoon, just before the garden closes and your kids can run wild before school starts again on Monday.

It’s nice, calm, relaxed, simple, do I dare to use the word, it’s minimalist. Continue reading

Hanami people: why living in Japan is on my bucket list

Hanami in Ueno Park Tokyo

Hanami at the Ueno Park in Tokyo (2012). Cherry Blossom fun in the Ueno Park in Tokyo where crowds gathered to celebrate Hanami.


A recent blogpost by Thewallinna and other creatures about how she misses Hanami in springtime Japan, reminded me about my own fascination with all things Japanese. I don’t exactly know where it comes from, but even as a child I was incredibly curious about faraway Japan. In 2012 I had the immense pleasure of finally travelling to Tokyo.


So living in Japan is on my bucket list. Would I like to stay in Japan indefinitely? I don’t think so. But for a year or thereabouts, I would really like to experience its culture a bit more profoundly than I did in 2012. I only stayed for a week, but it’s left a huge impression. The sentiment that stayed with me most is admiration. And what I admire most about the Japanese is their elegance.

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