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Ons #ZeroWaste Jaar

Een Zero Waste avontuur

This is a post (in Dutch) about why I’m getting tired of all the plastic around me and decided to start a #zerowaste lifestyle.

Een paar maanden geleden vroeg ik op Facebook raad over verpakkingsvrije doucheproducten. Op dat moment wist ik nog niet goed waar ik eigenlijk naartoe wilde. Ik had al wel gehoord van #zerowaste, maar mijn uitstappen naar verpakkingsvrije winkels lieten mij altijd een beetje op mijn honger zitten. Mijn drive om ergens iets te doen, kwam voort uit een sentiment dat ik nu in alle hevigheid rond mij zie opduiken: plasticmoeheid.

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5 Sustainable and Trendy Presents for a Caring Christmas

5 sustainable and trendy gifts


It’s the time of year again when you know Christmas is only a few weeks away and you realize you have no idea what you’re giving. You did funny socks last year, or cases of wine or tickets to a concert or whatever else. But this year, your mind is blank.

Or maybe you don’t really like the way Christmas has turned out to be more about who gets the best or the most presents, instead of about spending time with the people you love.

For me it’s always a challenge to try to find a gift that people will like, that they can use (yes, I actually buy or make presents that are useful!), that will not make me go bankrupt and that I can more or less defend as being not too bad for the environment. I have an issue with presents that seem nice or funny, yet get thrown out as soon as the holiday season is over. Because really, who is actually going to wear a pink and yellow striped tie?

 So here are 5 ways of doing it differently

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