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10 tips for visiting museums with children: part 2

I’m going to dive right into this, and continue with the next 5 tips!


  1. Take some toys with you


I’m probably stating the obvious when I say: never leave the house without a toy, a book or whatever else that makes your child happy. I could personally live in a museum, but every now and then everyone just needs to play.

If your child has a favourite doll or teddy bear, why not play a new game: “toy museum guide” 😉 Ask your son or daughter what Teddy, Barbie (or whatever) would like to see and suggest it explains things for it. It’s basically role playing, and I don’t know a lot of kids that don’t like role playing!

When you’ve finished visiting the museum, you can ask your child how Teddy felt about the visit. It’s an indirect, and probably easier, way for your offspring to communicate if it actually appreciated the visit. I’m not saying you will necessarily appreciate the answer 😉

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10 tips for visiting museums with children: part 1

A lot of people comment on the fact that we take our daughter everywhere we go. She quickly turned into a mini-me-globetrotter, since we always felt there is just no truth in the idea that children don’t enjoy travelling.

The thing is, we never took it for granted that she was with us. We knew (and are still frequently reminded) that a child is not going to spend 4 hours in a museum unless it has something to do there as well. And then again, sometimes, despite all your preparations, things can still go terribly wrong. Right in front of Michelangelo’s David, your child might decide it’s had enough.

And that’s OK. “Never expect too much” has more or less become my motto over the years. Because every time I really did cherish unrealistic expectations, a museum visit quickly turned into a hellish nonsensical discussion with hysterical offspring.

Still, there are a few things I believe you can do to make the experience easier, more fun, and especially more relaxing.

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5 important things to do in Berlin for the utterly chaotic and helpless

I promised to devote a blog post to my trip to Berlin, so here I go. Berlin is, first of all, a surprisingly lovely – albeit slightly bombastic- city, filled with the nicest people ever (despite reports to the contrary). That being said, it was a bit of an adventure for me, as I got lost (on several occasions), was nearly robbed and had blisters on my feet the size of ping pong balls… So here is my list of what to do in Berlin if you’re blessed with the same chaotic mind as I am:

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