Lunar eclipse of 28 September 2015

The lunar eclipse and blood moon as seen in Belgium on 28 September 2015

By now your Facebook and/or Instagram feeds have probably been flooded with photographs of last night’s lunar eclipse and blood moon.

I just couldn’t resist adding my own impressions to the multitude of beautiful images already out there.

Lunar eclipse around 3.55 a.m. on 28 September 2015

Lunar eclipse as seen in Belgium around 3.55 a.m. on 28 September 2015

Last night over dinner we debated if we were going to get up at night to see it or not. The offspring was particularly adamant in stressing the importance of the event, given the fact that she would have to wait another 18 years to see it, if we wouldn’t grant her this. Considering waiting 5 minutes is already a challenge for most 7 year-olds, we decided that she was actually right. Then again this is also just the thing we do.

Lunar eclipse around 4 a.m.

Lunar eclipse as seen in Belgium around 4 a.m.

Like the time we decided to go on a midnight picknick/bike ride, because there was a slight chance of witnessing the northern lights. Bad luck, it was cloudy that night, but we had great fun eating half cold hot dogs under an old oak tree (it was less fun when next morning I discovered I had mustard dripping in an inside pocket of my backpack).

Total eclipse around 4h11 a.m.

Total lunar eclipse as seen in Belgium around 4h11 a.m.

Anyway, last night we awoke spontaneously at 3h45 a.m., went to get the offspring out of bed (which went surprisingly easy), cuddled up under a warm blanket and drank hot chocolate while sitting in front of the open window looking up at a cloudless night sky. The 30 minutes we spent like this amply made up for an otherwise annoyingly busy weekend and we happily went back to sleep.

Lunar eclipse around 4h20 a.m.

Lunar eclipse as seen in Belgium around 4h20 a.m.